Civil Engineers as Construction Crew

Bangalore, Karnataka, India | Professional | Experience: 0 to 10+ years

Job description

BECOME A MASTERBUILDER: Open to Civil Engineering Gradutes and Diploma Holders with 0 to 10+ year experience in the construction industry. Feshers welcome.

WARNING: This job involves hands-on work at site! Only those willing to put in physical work on-site using electric tools to assebmle Light Gauge Steel Frames and fix Cement Fiber Boards etc., need apply.

The work involves physical labour at construction sites, which may be situated anywhere in South India. Good growth prospects and exciting new technologies to learn. This unique opportunity is for those who are willing to work in actually building a structure themselves with their own hands with the aid of modern technologies and tools. Uniforms, Safety Gears and ID cards will be provided. Deserving candidates might get to drive company pick-up trucks! This will be a satisfying job in a modern and professional setting. Outstanding professional growth prospects and bright future guaranteed! Once you master the construction and gain sufficient experience, you will be promoted to supervisor, site-in-charge, project manager, area manager, branch manager or aother higher-level responsible and roles.

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